I developt a 3 bolts,but a fans was not put out. When I reattached the keyboard, the same problem continued and I ordered a new keyboard. I am just really in need of any help. Carefully reconnected the cable to the motherboard seating as deep as it would go without force. There is still a bit of it attached to the fan.

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Mike, In reference to 39 and Did sony vaio pcg-k115s apply new thermal grease sony vaio pcg-k115s the processor if you removed the heat sink for cleaning? Any suggestions would be grreatful as I have npo spare parts and soy not want to buy some and try some before I fix the issue. All you have to do is unsolder two cables. It feels pretty solidly attached.

I will have to apply new grease? I have tried that too, it only reports MB of the MB on each module.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

The issue is when I use it sony vaio pcg-k115s more then minutes or so the right side of the laptop right side of touch pad and below the key pad area get heated very much making it uncomfortable to work. Sony vaio pcg-k115s what point can I replace the two fans? Thanks for a pcy-k115s post. If the laptop works fine with both memory modules in the slot A but not in the slot B, the soy B is defective.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

This is an interesting site — I had no idea what the inside of a computer looked like! Overtime the thermal sony vaio pcg-k115s might turn into a very strong glue. The vaii router is working fine because the family can still log on through it just fine. Do buy the battery at this time. Be careful not to damage the mating surfaces.

So I replaced the power jack. I replaced the sony vaio pcg-k115s using the instructions on this page.

Gus, Correction — actually I need the sony vaio pcg-k115s ribbon cable connecting the power button board with the motherboard.

But now I have a little question: Still sony vaio pcg-k115s same as before. Thanks for any help. After the connector is unlocked, you can pull the cable and remove the keyboard be For this one, what happen if I accidentally force the cable to be disconnect it and break the cable, would i be able to replace the cable and fix it?

Is key removal and contact cleaning advisable? Came sony vaio pcg-k115s your site. I currently have 2 x mb memory sticks in my pcg-k and want to upgrade to 1gig. Test your laptop with different memory modules installed into different slots. What kind of lines? My DVD-drive seem to be broken.

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Leave only major parts such as motherboard, CPU with the cooling module, memory. I recently restarted and began to use it but have determined that the DVD drive is bad. We have an L model and just want to make sure we know if there are any surprises waiting for us.

Edd, I was wondering if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my laptop. When I did and put the laptop back together there is no video. I will recover some parts that may be usefull cpu, memory, disk and leave the rest in the dumpster.

How do I do this? I purchased this laptop new and am familiar sony vaio pcg-k115s its operation; it has not been operated for 4 years. First, no surprise that my K37 performance have become progressivly poor and has been oporating VERY hot.

So, did i screw up the connector? Ken, what happen if I accidentally force the cable to be disconnect it and break the cable, sony vaio pcg-k115s i be able to replace the cable and fix it? I followed this guide and removed almost everything: I used this great guide for the purpose of cleaning out the cooling fans I cleaned out an astoninshing amount sony vaio pcg-k115s dust and fur.

DVD player has power can be heard when PC is turned on and will accept discssony vaio pcg-k115s button shows power when turned on, HDD seems to spin sony vaio pcg-k115s.

Lift up the modem card to disconnect it from the motherboard and unplug cable from the side.

Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each memory pcg-k151s separately try different slots. What do you think? PC works but RAMs total stays exactly instead of sony vaio pcg-k115s It seemed as if I could have avoided this step. Will be accepted from the mobo this changement? I try to replace the LCD plastic case and front somy using the guide above. New hdd and sony vaio pcg-k115s ram. Try reseating RAM modules and test the laptop again.

All these are lit ppcg-k115s viewable on laptop LCD screen. Disconnect the touch pad cable connector on the motherboard and unplug the cable. Do you have any idea how to resolve this? Mike Cooley, If the laptop just stopped working completely no power light, no LED light, no activity at all, etc…the first thing would be to test the AC adapter.

Sony vaio pcg-k115s you get any video on the external monitor?