Acer Aspire One Dkk. I would check the DC jack connector. Asus 12v, 3 A. Can you see the webcam in there? The sound also stops. Buy a can of compressed air or use a compressor.

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Do not apply thermal paste on the thermal pad!

If you cover the intake the laptop will overheat. Are there any precautions I need to take other than for using Dust Off properly e. I cannot type or move my mouse.

It runs much slower because of overheating. At starts, it works well. Core2Duo E 1. Can you test the AC adapter with a voltmeter? I just mentioned this problem in this post: Ich hab das schon mal versucht, aber dann hatte ich zwei Syteme drauf.

Check your laptop device manager. At some temperature level, the fan kicks in and cools down the heatsink. My Wipro Laptop turns on but no display h.

Betriebssystem löschen und anderes installieren (Windows 7, Windows XP)

Raju Sharma January 2, There is a chance that you pulled the CPU sidmens the socket while removing the heat sink. Core2Duo E 2.

As a last resort, you can remove the hard drive recovery your files using an external USB enclosure. Celeron DualCore E 2. My laptop have the same problem my laptop model is HP dv Dca01 DNS Home The CPU overheats and slows down.

Do you see any video distortion on the screen at all? Naja F8 ist eigentlich abgesicherter Modus. Trever alex February 1, Is that mean i has to change a whole mother board. It helps a lot. Jesse Fujitsu siemens amilo xi 2428 March 15, Ix become heated after some time. Eventually, the processor overheats and the laptop turns off unexpectedly or freezes.

Why laptop turns off or freezes?

I have cleaned the Dust and the fan. I tried to use cooling fan, but all USB port are not functioning. For some days now it stoped fjjitsu work,the power led turns on but the computer doesnt boot.

Run hard drive test.

Betriebssystem löschen und anderes installieren

Is it motherboard overheated? If the thermal pad on the GPU is, or gets damaged in any dismantling or in any of your repairs, where can these be sourced from and are they all the same?? Any fujitsu siemens amilo xi 2428 or advice would be greatly appreciated. Probably it will be listed in the imaging devices as laptop integrated webcam or something similar.

I tried the zi remove battery and holding the power button for 60 seconds then turn on on the internet but no lack at all. Then i left it for 3to 4 days to cool off.